The following provides brief histories of all the companies I have been able to identify, plus all the gas pump companies that are known to have possibly manufactured a gasoline pump.  Pictures of over 1900 pumps made by these companies are in my new Gas Pump Identification book (Revision).  The book is now available, a complete description of the book is on the front page of this website:  


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Acme Tank and Pump Company

New York, New York

Believed to have been acquired by Neptune in the 1930s. 


Adel Precision Products Company

Burbank, California

In business during the late 1940s.


Advance Tank & Pump Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Advance began business around 1918 and went out of business in 1920. During this time they made at least one gas pump, called the “Advance.” No pictures have been found.


Air-Boy Manufacturing Company

San Francisco, California

Maker of oil dispensers in the 1960s.


Air-Tight Steel Tank Company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In business during the early 1900s.


ALD, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

Manufactured coin-operated pumps in the late 1960s.


Allen Pressure Systems Company

New York, New York

In business between 1917 and 1920, and made at least two pumps called the “Allen” and the “Apsco.” No pictures have been found.



Chicago, Illinois

This company never made a gas pump. In the late 1940s, because they were getting large and had warehouses in five different cities, AMCO decided to market a pump with their name on it. They had the Neptune Pump Company put “AMCO” on the faces of the 855 Neptune pump. Four models were offered: the 855 (Computing pump); the 855-R (Computing pump with hose reel inside pump); the 855-S (Non-computing pump); and the 855-SR (Non-computing pump with hose reel inside pump).  A year or so later they did the same with the American 900 Series pumps. 


American Tank & Pump Company

Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

Company established in 1909 in Dayton, Ohio. Horace A. Irvin was the first president. By 1914, the company’s offices were moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Besides gas pumps, the company made oil dispensers, air towers and air compressors. In 1948, Tokheim Tank & Pump Company of Ft. Wayne, Indiana acquired the company.


Anderson Visible Pump and Tank Company

Savannah, Georgia

The only information available on this company is that they produced at least one gas pump, called the “Anderson,” between 1920 and 1921.  No pictures have been found.


Anthony Liquid Vending Machine Company

St. Paul, Minnesota

The only information available is that they were located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and were in business around 1921.


Aqua Oil Service, Inc.

New York, New York

Started making gas pumps in the mid-1920s. The company changed its name to Aqua Systems, Inc., around 1930 and became a division of the Neptune Meter Company in the late 1930s.


Austerman Automatic Oil & Gasoline Service Station Company, Inc.

Wichita, Kansas

Established in the 1920s, it is believed they made only one gas pump—a coin-operated pump that appears to be a reworked Hayes pump.


Automatic Vending Machine Co.

Chicago, Illinois, factory was in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Made a automatic vending gas pump, possibly as early as 1905.


Auto Parts Manufacturing Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The only information available on this company is that they made at least one pump, called the “Badger,” between 1917 and 1918.


Bair Pump Company

Adrian, Michigan

This company started business around 1911 and made visible pumps during the early 1920s. No pictures are available at this time.


The Barnes Manufacturing Company

Mansfield, Ohio

Barnes made at least one pump around 1920 called the “Barnes.” No pictures are available at this time.


C.S. Battle Pump Company

Aurora, Illinois

Battle made at least one gas pump in 1920 called the “Battle.” No pictures are available.


Beacon Equipment Company

Hamilton, Ohio

Established in business around 1920 making oil dispensers. The company’s original name was the National Car Seal Company. Beacon was possibly a division of National Car Seal. In 1924, the name was changed to Beacon Equipment Company. They made their first gas pump in 1924, a visible. Went out of business shortly after this time.


Beacon Visible Pump Company

Louisville, Kentucky

Beacon Visible possibly started in business in 1920 or 1921 but was not listed in the Louisville, Kentucky, City Directory until 1922. In 1924, they changed their name to The Beacon Products Company, Inc. Started out in business selling pumps made by the Western Pump Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Went out of business around 1927.


Beman Automatic Oil Can Company Ltd.

Meadville, Pennsylvania

Established around 1892, this company made many pumps, it did not go out-of-business until the 1960s.


Bennett Pump Company

Muskegon, Michigan

In 1919, Thomas B. (Bert) Bennett owned and operated a taxi service and drive-in service station in Muskegon. As the owner of the business he was probably responsible for most of the service on the taxicabs. One of the most demanding chores was packing grease in the differentials by hand. He felt there must be a better way to do this.

Bert Bennett - 1930


He spotted an ad in an auto magazine for a grease injector. The A.J. Wood Manufacturing Company, of Grand Rapids, not far from Muskegon was selling it. Bert went to Grand Rapids to purchase one of the injectors. He not only came back with an injector; he came back with the whole company. Wood had orders, but he lacked capital to meet the demand, so he sold the company. Bert rented some space and started the Bennett Injector Company.


During the first four years, sales increased from $33,000 to close to $500,000 and Bennett was becoming a very successful company. In 1924, the company moved into larger quarters and the name of the company was changed to Bennett Pump Corporation.


By 1928, it was evident that for further expansion the company needed more capital and the stockholders agreed to sell controlling interest in Bennett to Service Station Equipment, Ltd., of Toronto, Canada. 1928 also saw further expansion by SSE. The Shotwell Company, manufacturers of gas pumps, was purchased and merged with Bennett, putting Bennett in the gas pump business for the first time. ECO Tireflator was also moved from Bryant, Ohio to Muskegon. In 1932, SSE merged with the John Wood Company, but continued to market their products under the SSE name, and did so until 1950. In 1930, Bennett made their only visible pump, the 810.


In 1933, SSEC (Service Station Equipment Company) found it necessary to consolidate because of the Depression, and the Bennett Division was moved to Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, where water-heating equipment was manufactured. Around 1933, Bert Bennett tried to organize a bond issue to purchase the Bennett Company and move it back to Muskegon. Before it was completed, Bert Bennett passed away. The combined enterprise of water-heating equipment and gasoline pumps failed to work out and in 1937 the business was brought back to Muskegon.


During the late 1940s the manufacture of electrical gasoline pumps accounted for over half of the company’s business and they were the country’s largest producers of automatic tire-inflating equipment known as the ECO. In 1950, the Service Station Equipment Company name was dropped and they became known as Bennett Pump Division, of John Wood Company. Early 1964 saw the acquisition of controlling interests of the John Wood Company by Anthes Imperial Limited, a Canadian corporation. In 1968, Molson Breweries Limited of Canada, merged with Anthes.


In February 1979 Bennett was sold to an international group of investors headed by SATAM of Paris, France. In 1984, Bennett changed hands again, and became part of Compagnie Generale des Eaux of Paris, France. Bennett remained part of this company until the mid-1990s when a small group of investors from Michigan purchased the company and returned ownership to the Muskegon area, where it all began. Bennett is still in business today.  They operate sister companies, Bennett Pump Company (retail pumps) and Bennett Commercial Pump Company (commercial pumps). 


Birmingham Machine & Foundry Company.

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, having started in business in 1883, didn’t manufacture a gas pump until 1926. This was the only pump advertised by the company. It is unknown what happened to Birmingham.


Black & Decker

Baltimore, Maryland

It is not known if this company ever made a gas pump, but they were issued a design patent for a curb pump in 1917.


Blackmer Rotary Pump Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Blackmer made the pumping units and meters used in many visible pumps such as Progress and St. Louis pumps. Around 1927 they made some commercial hand pumps.


Boe Manufacturing Company

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Boe made a great deal of greasing equipment and some oil dispensers, two of which are pictured here. The original name of the company, H.M. Boe Company, was changed to Boe Manufacturing in 1924.


S.F. Bowser & Company

Ft. Wayne, Indiana


S, F. Bowser                                           First factory in Ft. Wayne


History has given Bowser credit for inventing the gas pump, but what Bowser tried to invent was a better way to pump water from a well. His invention wasn’t strong enough to draw water from such a depth, but when applied to shorter distances it was a success. Bowser applied his principles to small pumps that were badly needed in country stores and anywhere that kerosene was sold. This was during a time when very little gasoline was being used, as the automobile had still not been invented.


The 1892 introduction of the Durea automobile and the growing popularity of automobiles brought changes to the pump industry. As gasoline sales increased following the turn of the century, Bowser built a gas pump for general stores. Bowser grew rapidly and became a very large corporation with branches all over the world. Bowser also diversified, making hundreds of products besides gas pumps. At the end of World War II, Bowser found itself in financial trouble and began offering gas pumps at lower prices.


In 1960, Bowser closed its Ft. Wayne factory and Bowser pumps were then made and sold by the Keene Pump Company, of Greeneville, Tennessee. By the late 1960s, Keene dropped the Bowser name and sold pumps under the Keene name.


The Boyle-Dayton Company

Los Angeles, California

Boyle-Dayton was established around 1910, but in 1920, under the name Boyle Manufacturing, (as referenced in the Chilton Automobile Directories of 1917-1920) they made a pump called the “Boyco.” The Wayne Pump Company purchased the Boyle-Dayton Company in 1928. In addition to gas pumps, this company also made some grease dispensers.


Brown Sheet Iron and Steel Company

St. Paul, Minnesota

The only information available is that they made a gas pump in 1922 called “The Accurate.”


Bryant Pump Company

Los Angeles, California


Butler Pump Company

Kansas City, Missouri

Butler started in business in 1901 manufacturing tanks.  Their first gas pump was made in 1914 and they continued making pumps into the mid-1930s. They also offered complete service station islands. The Bennett Pump Company also sold these island units using Bennett pumps.  Butler is still in business making the famous “Butler Buildings.”


Chanslor & Lyon Company

San Francisco, California

Around 1917, Chanslor made a gas pump they called the “Snider.” No pictures are available.


Cherokee Metals Company

Atlanta, Georgia

Established around 1960, this company offered both re-manufactured pumps and kits to rebuild pumps using a new cabinet. They had distributors throughout the country.


Chicago Steel Tank Company

Cicero, Illinois

Chicago made at least one gas pump around 1921.


City Machine & Tool Company

Toledo, Ohio

City manufactured a gas pump around 1915. No other information or pictures are available.


The Clear Vision Pump Company

Wichita, Kansas

Clear Vision literature states that Emory Crouse started the company around 1910 and the original name of the company was Crouse Pump Company. Also according to the literature he made his first gas pump in 1913, a visible pump. Clear Vision’s pumps were called “Crouse Clear Vision Pumps.” They sold out to the Hayes Equipment Manufacturing Company around 1935.


The Cleveland Faucet Company

Cleveland, Ohio

This company made a pump they called the “Champion,” around 1917. No other information or pictures are available.


Collegeville Engineering & Manufacturing Company

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Collegeville made at least one gas pump around 1926. They called it the “Clamer.” No pictures are available.


Columbian Steel Tank Company

Kansas City, Missouri

Columbian began business in 1894 as a supplier of products for jobbers and service stations. In the early years they made steel tanks to store gasoline. The company branched into horse-drawn tank wagons and then into tanks that would fit on everything from a Model T Ford to a large truck chassis. From around 1914 to 1916 they made a number of gas pumps. They discontinued making these pumps in the late 1920s when they started selling pumps from the American Tank and Pump Company.


Correct Measure Company

Rochester, Pennsylvania

Established in business about 1922. Went out of business around 1930.


Crawford Foundry and Machine Company

Emelenton, Pennsylvania

Made a curb-style pump with a visible container inside during the 1910s, and around 1920 they also made a gas pump called the “Crawford.”


The Davis and Son Manufacturing Company

Denver, Colorado

This company was primarily a manufacturer of oil dispensing equipment.


Davis Welding and Manufacturing Company

Dayton, Ohio

Records indicate that this company made only one gas pump around 1931, called the “Davis-Hardoll.” This pump issued a receipt after purchase.


The Dayton Pump and Manufacturing Company

Dayton, Ohio

According to the autobiography of Frank M. Tait, he started the Dayton Pump Company in 1908, but it was not listed in the Dayton City Directories until 1911. Dayton produced the first completely automatic electric water pump. In 1915, Dayton introduced their first gas pump. All pumps made by Dayton, including the water pumps, were called the “Rapidayton.” In the late 1950s, Dayton ceased production of gas pumps, but continued in business under the name “The Tait Manufacturing Company.”


Deming Company

Salem, Ohio

This company made a gas pump in 1920 called the “Deming.”


Doran Pump Company

Chicago, Illinois

Started in business in Chicago before 1910 manufacturing a curb pump.


J. G. Doty Pump Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Jerald G. Doty, who was the local manager for Dayton Pump Company, started Doty in 1923. The company only survived until 1928.


Eastern Oil Tank Company

Lowell, Massachusetts

Records indicate that only one pump was made by Eastern in 1914.


Emergency Gas Vendor

Location unknown

It is not known if this is the name of the company or the name given to the pump. Only one pump has been identified with this company, a coin-operated pump made in 1935.



Atlanta, Georgia

Started in business in 1962 by B.H. Sasnett, Jr. The company made new cabinets as kits to convert pumps such as Wayne 60s; Bennett 541; Tokheim 39; and the G&B 96 into new, shorter pumps. The company sold over 800 kits in 1962 alone. The last advertisement from the company was in 1968.


Equipment Associates

Cincinnati, Ohio

Company made and sold oilcan cabinets during the late 1950s.


Erie Meter Systems, Inc.

Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie first started selling gasoline pumps in 1922 under the name “Erie Service Station Equipment Company.” The name was changed to Erie Meter Systems, Inc., around 1927. Erie’s early pumps were all encased in masonry housing, then in cabinets that resembled masonry housings. Erie made a great deal of clock meter pumps, but only one visible pump, the 100, made in 1930. The pumps Erie made during the mid-1930s are very art deco, and have become very collectible. They also sold oil dispensers, air compressors, air towers, and greasing equipment. In 1955, Erie merged with the A.O. Smith Company.


Farr Hydraulic Systems

New York, New York

The company was also known as the Frederick G. Farr Company and used a Detroit, Michigan address in 1920.  Maker of meter pumps around 1925.


Ferro Machine & Foundry Company

Cleveland, Ohio

Ferro was in business as early as 1929, but I have only identified one of their pumps.


Fleckenstein Visible Gas Meter Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The original name of this company was the Old Honesty Gasometer Company of Ionia, Michigan. Jackson Fleckenstein, who was a minor, started this company. All of his patents were actually issued in the name of Adelaide Fleckenstein, his guardian and probably his mother. According to Fleckenstein literature, he received his first patent in 1911; but I have been unable to find it. The earliest patent I have found is from December 1916. Fleckenstein started in business making visible attachments for existing curb pumps from any company. They eventually built a number of freestanding visible pumps. Fleckenstein last advertised pumps in 1924.


The B.F. Freeland Sons Company

Sturgis, Michigan

In 1914, this company manufactured a self-measuring pump with brass gears and slides. It had a capacity of about five-gallons per minute. This company was in business until at least 1927, using the names Freeland Sons Company (1915-1920), and Freeland Steel Tank Company (1918-1927). Two of their pumps were called the “Freeland” and the “Portage.”


Galena-Signal Oil Company

Houston, Texas

This is an oil company that sold its oil in twenty-one inch long bottles. They offered a cabinet display unit that displayed twenty bottles and had storage below for eighty bottles. This unit was leased to the station operator. The cabinet was only advertised during 1926 and 1927.


General Appliance Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chicago, Illinois

Crawfordsville, Indiana

General made a gas pump in 1920. No pictures are available.


Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Company (Gilbarco)

Springfield, Massachusetts

Contrary to all previous information, Gilbert & Barker did not begin making gas pumps in 1910. I first questioned this date around 1990 when I saw the picture that was always used to display the first pump. The automobile shown in the picture is probably a Duryea, which was also made in Springfield, but it is a three-wheel auto with a tiller instead of a steering wheel. Why would a company use an auto in its 1910 advertising that was made around 1900? Tillers were last used around 1905. This sent me on a quest. I finally found an advertisement in the June 1902 issue of The Automobile Magazine. This advertisement was for the same tank and pump outfit attributed to the 1910 date. It also used the same man, building, and Durea car in the ad, but a slightly different picture. This indicated that Gilbert & Barker has been making gas pumps for at over 105 years, beginning around 1902. The 1910 date is when they finally got around to patenting the pumps. I have been able to identify over 20 pieces of equipment made by G&B before 1910.

In 1935, G&B started referring to their pumps as the “Gilbarco.” In 1965, the company name was changed to Gilbarco, and in 1966 the plant and headquarters were moved to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Gilbarco, in 1987, was acquired by the General Electric Company (GEC).

In 1999 Gilbarco was renamed Marconi Commerce Systems, and GEC changed the corporation name to Marconi. 

More changes came in 2002 when the company was acquired by the Danaher Corporation.  Danaher was the parent company of Veeder-Root and the Red Jacket, and in 2003 the assets of the Gasboy company were acquired after the closing of Tokheim.  Gilbarco now operates under the name Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

Not only a leader in the manufacturing of gas pump, they also have a software division providing software for convenience stores.  The next time you stop for gas, look down on the side of the pump for the name of the manufacturer, it will probably be a Gilbarco.


H.J. Godshalk

Los Angeles, California

Godshalk made a pump in 1929 called the “Arostocrat.”


The Goulds Manufacturing Company

Seneca Falls, New York

The only information I have on this company is that they made at least one gas pump around 1917, and called it the “Goulds.” They may possibly have built other pumps named the “Goulds Hands,” the “New Chicago” and the “New Chicago-Power.” No pictures of any of these pumps are available.


J.J. Groetken Pump Company

Aurora, Illinois

Went into business in 1912 in Chicago, Illinois. The original name of the company was J.J. Groetken Pump Company. Around 1917 the company’s name was changed to The Groetken Pump Company and they moved to Aurora, Illinois. Their specialty was selling pumps directly to the user and did not use equipment dealers. The company last advertised any pumps in 1927. There was a connection between this company and The Mars Company, also of Aurora, Illinois. They would always advertise together and also shared space at equipment shows during the 1920s.


Guarantee Liquid Measure Company

Rochester, Pennsylvania

Guarantee started in business around 1916 with the introduction of a pump called the “Guarantee Visible Pump.” Later pumps were called “Fry.” As early as September 1914, J.A. MacKenzie applied for a patent for a liquid measuring apparatus. This apparatus used water pressure to force the gasoline through a mechanism with positive stops. There was a thin gauge on the side numbered 1-10, but no visible container, as we know it. In 1917, MacKenzie did receive a patent for a water pressure pump with a glass visible container. In 1927, the company purchased the Marvel Pump Company, a manufacturer of oil and grease dispensers, and by 1928 the company name was changed to Fry Equipment Corporation (in honor of their long time president H.C. Fry). In addition to gas pumps and oil dispensers Fry also made a air meter. Sometime in 1928 the Wayne Pump Company of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, purchased the company.

H. H. Fry, President


Guthrie Liquid Measure

Rochester, New York

The only information I have on this company is that they made a general store pump for oils or kerosene in the 1890s.


Haines Oil Pump Company

Location unknown

Only have been able to identify two private garage pumps made around 1905.



Company name and location unknown

There is no information on the location of the company, but the coin-operated pumps were made around 1924-1925 at the Mechanical Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois. The pump shown is possibly the only pump made by Harrington.


Hawkeye Dart Truck Company

Pump Division

Waterloo, Iowa

It appears this company started in business in 1925 as a division of the Hawkeye Dart Truck Company. Later in 1925 the name was changed to Gaward Dart Company, “Manufacturers of Dart Visible Pumps and Motor Trucks.” The company last advertised a gas pump in 1926.


Hayes Equipment Company

Wichita, Kansas

The earliest mention of Hayes I have been able to find is an advertisement from 1921. The name of the company is Hayes Equipment Company and they were selling the “Wichita Visible.” It also states that they were distributors for U.S. Air Compressors and Tokheim Pumps. In one of their later brochures they state that they had been in business since 1905. Hayes could have been a distributor for other companies before making their own pump in 1921. In 1926, the name of the company was changed to The Hayes Equipment Manufacturing Company. While known for their tapered square pumps, they also made straight-sided square pumps and round visible pumps. In 1934, they made a cash recorder pump. They acquired the Clear Vision Pump Company in 1935, and advertised a hoist that Clear Vision had made. In the 1930s the Hayes Company made diners that were delivered on wheels.  No mention of the company has been found after 1938, although they were listed in the Wichita City Directory in 1942.  During the 1920s, Hayes may have sold pumps using the name Wichita Pump & Equipment Company.


Heil Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Made at least one gas pump, called the “Quality” around 1921.


The Heller-Aller Company

Napoleon, Ohio

Evidence has been found that Heller-Aller made a gas pump in 1917 called the “H-A Co.”


Hull Pump and Tank Company

Owensboro, Kentucky

It is not known when this company went into business, but between 1916 and 1920 there were many ads for the two pumps shown. Sometime during 1918-1919 the company changed its name to Southern Foundry & Manufacturing Company, Inc. No mention of the company, after 1920, has been found.


Humphreys Manufacturing Company

Mansfield, Ohio

Humphreys made a gas pump in 1918 called the “Humphreys.” No pictures are available.


Hydraulic Oil System

Detroit, Michigan

In 1918, Hydraulic made a gas pump called the “Farr.” No pictures have been found.


Ideco, Inc.

Springfield, Illinois

Only one gas pump has been identified with this company, it was advertised between 1919 and 1921.


Inglis Manufacturing Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Inglis made a gas pump in 1917 called the “Inglis.”


Janney-Steinmetz & Company

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Janney-Steinmetz advertised a tank and pump outfit in 1914. It is not known if they made pumps or sold pumps from a pump company. No pictures are available.


Jenney Manufacturing Company

Boston, Massachusetts

There is some mention of a gas pump associated with this company, but I have not been able to confirm that they actually made a pump.


Jones Automatic Measuring Pump Company

Shelbyville, Indiana

Jones made a gas pump around 1917, but no pictures are available.


Joy Pump Company

Long Beach, California

Joy made at least one gas pump around 1914.


Julian Pump and Tank Company

Jamestown, New York

Established in 1919. First advertised the “Square Deal” pump in 1922. Evidence also indicates that they made a pump called the “Big Boss.” Sometime between 1922 and 1927, when they last advertised a pump, the company’s name was changed to The Julian Pump Company.


Keesee Manufacturing Company

Huntington Park, California

Made gas pumps between 1920 and 1930, no pictures were available in time to be included in this book.


O.S. Kelly Company

Springfield, Ohio

Kelly made at least one gas pump around 1933, but no pictures are available.


Kewanee Private Utilities Company

Kanwanee, Illinois

Evidence indicates that Kewanee made a gas pump between 1917 and 1921 called the “Kewanee.”


Kew-Ideal Pump and Manufacturing Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Around 1911, the Kupferle Brothers Manufacturing Company began advertising a private garage outfit that consisted of a tank and a pump. In 1922, the successors of the Kupferle Company organized the Kew Manufacturing Company, with J.M. Wagelein as the president. In 1927, the company name was changed to Kew-Ideal Pump and Manufacturing Company, and by 1929 there were no listings.  At one time their pumps were sold under the name Ideal Oil Pump and Tank Company.


Keystone Boiler & Foundry Company

Lansisville, Pennsylvania

Keystone manufactured a gas pump between 1917 and 1921. The pump was called the “Climax.”


Keystone Pump Company

Los Angeles, California

Manufactured visible pumps in the 1920s. Examples have been found, but no pictures were available for this publication.


Lacer-Hallet Corporation

Los Angeles, California

Lacer made an air tower around 1928, but a recent finding of two visible pumps from this company indicates that they also made gas pumps around 1925.


Leader Iron Works

Decatur, Illinois

Leader made a garage pump outfit and some air equipment in 1915. Two of their products were called the “Leader” and the “Leader Ker-O-Gas.”


Liquid Service Company of America

Peoria, Illinois

Liquid Service is known to have made a gas pump in 1929 called the “Self-Service.” No pictures are available.


Mars Company

Aurora, Illinois

The Mars Company started in business in 1922 manufacturing farm and commercial pumps. They also manufactured visible pump accessories. There was some connection between Mars and the Groetken Pump Company, also of Aurora, Illinois. The two companies always advertised together and shared space at petroleum equipment shows. The last mention of the Mars Company was in 1930.


Martin & Schwartz Pump Company (M&S)

Buffalo, New York

Salisbury, Maryland

Manufacturers of gas pumps since 1922. Around 1939 M&S moved to Salisbury, Maryland. The M&S Model 80 is one of the most collected pumps in the hobby. The company was purchased by the Wayne Pump Company in 1951, and Wayne moved their headquarters and manufacturing from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to the Salisbury location.


A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company

Des Moines, Iowa

McDonald went into business in 1856 and became a very large distributor of equipment to service stations and oil jobbers. The company made valves, oil handling equipment, water systems, and hand pumps.  In later years McDonald was a large distributor of Bennett gas pumps.


Merit Oil Equipment Company

Cleveland, Ohio

Not much information on Merit is available. They made grease and oil dispensers, and did make at least one commercial gas pump in 1926. In 1931, they advertised a single and a twin clock meter pump. These were actually Bowser pumps sold under the Merit name.


Milestone Meter Systems, Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

Milestone started in business in the late 1920s making pumps that were enclosed in brick housings. The company survived until at least 1937.


Milwaukee Tank Works

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee began business around 1911. Advertisements for their equipment started showing up around 1912. The company appeared to be successful, being one of the largest advertisers of gas pumps and other equipment through the teens and into the 1920s. The Depression must have taken its toll on the company because no mention of Milwaukee can be found after 1935.

Robert L. Bienenstok, President - 1929


Modern Equipment Corporation

Defiance, Ohio

A new company organized in 1935 to manufacture an oil dispenser. There was some connection between this company and the Aro Equipment Company of Bryan, Ohio, as they both advertised this dispenser.


Modern Metals Products Company

Greensboro, North Carolina

This company manufactured a number of oilcan cabinets. They also manufactured auto travel centers, tire racks, and patios to protect vending machines.


The Monarch Engineering & Manufacturing Company

Baltimore, Maryland

Between 1917 and 1918, Monarch made a gas pump, but no pictures are available.


Moore & Kling Company

Boston, Massachusetts

I have only been able to identify one pump made by this company; a cash recorder pump made in 1934.


Richard S. Morris & Company

Chicago, Illinois

Morris manufactured a gas pump between 1917 and 1918, but no pictures are available.


Morrison Bros.

Dubuque, Iowa

Morrison Bros. was established in business in 1855. Primarily a supplier of service station and oil jobber equipment, Morrison advertised a visible full measure curb pump. This company advertised a number of pumps in 1916. Morrison continued in business for years as a manufacturer and supplier of truck tanks, underground tanks, brass valves, and many other items for the oil industry.


National Enameling and Stamping Company (NESCO)

Chicago, Illinois

The only piece of equipment identified with this company is a garage gas pump made in 1916. One of their pumps was called the “Nexco.”


National Oil Pump & Tank Company

Dayton, Ohio

According to Dayton, Ohio City Directories, National went into business in 1907. Joseph N. Boesch was the president and treasurer. In 1924, the company name was changed to National Recording Pump Company. During the late teens, and throughout the 1920s, National made pumps that have become famous with collectors; the “Duplex,” the “Simplex,” and the “Apex.” The National “Visibowl” visibles are also some of the best-looking visibles ever made. By 1930, the company changed their name to National Pumps Corporation. In 1936, the offices of National were moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Tokheim purchased National about 1948. Tokheim put the National name on some of their pumps, but the name was quickly dropped.  National also made grease and oil dispensers and air-compressors.


National Pump & Manufacturing Company

York, Pennsylvania

National is known to have made a gas pump in 1927, but no pictures have been found.


The National Store Specialty Company

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

National Store was the manufacturer of the “Pennsylvania” pump between 1914 and 1935. Originally located in Lancaster, they moved to Bareville, Pennsylvania in 1928.


William Neil & Company

Chicago, Illinois

The William Neil Company made at least two gas pumps in 1917. They were referred to as the “Neil” and the “Crown.” No pictures are available.


Neptune Meter Company

New York, New York

Neptune made meters, not only for gas pumps but also for anything requiring the metering of gasoline or oil. Their meters were widely used on tank trucks and in bulk plants. Around 1939 they produced their first gas pump. The A.O. Smith Company also sold these same pumps in the 1950s.


The Nicholson Company, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nicholson was the manufacturer of the Pittsburgh Pumps in the 1920s. It is not known if there is any connection between Nicholson and the Pittsburgh Gasoline Pump Company, which also advertised their pump as the “Pittsburgh Pumps.”


Norwich Storage Tank Company

Norwich, New York

Records indicate that Norwich made at least two gas pumps during 1917 and 1918. They were called the “Norwich” and the “Griffen.” No pictures have been found.


Oil Products Appliance Company (OPACO)

Maywood, Illinois

OPACO manufactured many different types of oil dispensers. Shown is a very unusual oil dispenser cabinet from 1928.


The Oil Pump & Specialty Company

Chicago, Illinois

This company manufactured two pumps in 1917 called the “Savo” and the “Hercules.” No pictures have been found.


OPW Corporation

Cincinnati, Ohio

Originally know as he Ohio Pattern Works & Foundry Co. they began business in 1892.  To gas pump collectors they are well known as the manufacturer of many of the nozzles used on gas pumps.  Today the company is a division of the Dover Resources, Inc. and continues to manufacture nozzles.


Ottawa Manufacturing Company

Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa advertised heavily during the late 1920s, but were not heard of after 1930. In addition to at least four visible gas pumps, the company also manufactured an air tower, automobile lifts, air compressors, and oil dispensers.


Pennsylvania Pump Company, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Pump Company did not make the Pennsylvania Pump; it made the “Penometer” pump. The company started in business before 1927 making visible pumps. They last advertised a clock meter pump in 1935.


Pittsburgh Equitable

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Only one piece of literature has been found for this company. An ad showing a triple pump enclosed in a brick housing, from 1923.


Pittsburgh Gasoline Pump Company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Gasoline manufactured at least one clock meter pump around 1928, which they called “The Pittsburgher Pump.” It is not known if there is any connection between Pittsburgh Gasoline and The Nicholson Company, which advertised their pumps as “The Pittsburgh Pump.”


Pittsburgh Pump Company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Established in 1884, this company made all types of pumps; from water pumps to windmill pumps. In 1908, on the last page of their catalog, they showed two new pumps; both private garage pumps. It is not known if there is any connection between this company and either of the other two Pittsburgh companies.


Pneumatic Gasoline Service Company

Cleveland, Ohio

Available information indicates that this company made a gas pump around 1927, but no pictures are available.


Progress Manufacturing Company

Arthur, Illinois

Progress was established in 1922. They not only made gas pumps but they also made truck tanks, buckets, funnels, storage tanks, oil dispensers, air compressors, air towers, and light posts. The company advertised heavily between 1925 and 1935.


Raymond Garage Equipment Company

Adrian, Michigan

The earliest mention of this company was an advertisement for their “Four-In-One-Filling Station,” pump in 1920. The company continued making visible pumps through the late 1920s.


Rheem Manufacturing Company

Los Angeles, California

It appears that Rheem began making visible pumps in the early 1920s. They continued making clock meter pumps through the mid-30s. In 1936, Rheem retired from the gasoline pump-manufacturing field. Their manager went to work for Service Station Equipment Company, “procuring certain items still manufactured by Rheem on the Pacific Coast rather than to import them from the East.” SSE did not purchase Rheem.


The Richardson-Phenix Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Richardson-Phenix made at least one gas pump in 1917 they called the “Badger,” but no pictures are available.


Richmond Oil Equipment Company, Inc. (ROE)

ROE was a distributor of parts for the oil and service station industry. They started in business in 1925. In 1943, they advertised a visible pump, but it was actually the Erie 100. They also made commercial pumps using Neptune meters.


Roy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Quincy, Massachusetts

Roy manufactured oil dispensers, grease dispensers, and alcohol pumps in the early 1920s.


Royer Pump & Equipment Company

St. Louis, Missouri

The Royer Pump Company began business in 1923 with Rufus W. Royer as its president. In addition to gas pumps, the company also made air compressors. During the mid-1920s Royer advertised the Cut G (a round visible) heavily, but an original company photograph shows a six-sided pump also being manufactured. By 1930, the Royer Company was out of business, and Mr. Royer is listed as owning the Better Gasoline Service Station in north St. Louis.


The Rush Pump Company

Lafayette, Indiana

Rush began making pumps in 1926 in Portland, Indiana, in 1927 the company moved to Lafayette. The company made a series of visible pumps, and made a very unusual computer/visible combination. Basically this was a computer pump with a three-gallon sight gauge on top. The company ceased operation in 1936, but in 1945 or 1946 the Rush family reorganized a company called Rush Metal. Rush Metal made a self-service, coin-operated pump, but only six were produced, one survives today.


Sage Bros., Inc.

Brooklyn, New York

Sage was the manufacturer of a pump called the “Sasco” around 1918, but no pictures are available.


William B. Scaife & Sons Company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Records indicate that Scaife made a gas pump called the “Scaife” in 1917, but no pictures have been found.


H.D. Schroeder & Company

San Francisco, California

Schroeder is known to have made a gas pump in 1926. No pictures are available.


St. Louis Pump and Equipment Company

St. Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Pump Company began business in 1920, with J.C. Roberts Jr., as the president. Their offices were located in St. Louis, Missouri, but the manufacturing plant was over 100 miles away in Cario, Illinois. St. Louis is known for their visible pumps, which were all square. The Lubrite (Mobil) company of St. Louis was a large purchaser of St. Louis pumps. In 1926, C.C. Fredericks, who was formally with the Bowser Pump Company as a designer, became president of St. Louis. The company only survived until 1932.


F.C. Sanford Manufacturing Company

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Sanford is known to have made a gas pump in 1917 or 1918, but no pictures have been found.


San Antonio Machine & Supply Co. (SAMSCO)

San Antonio, Texas

Very little is known about this company. The only picture available is of a cash recorder pump made in 1934.


Sexton Can Company

Boston, Massachusetts

During 1917-1918, Sexton made a gas pump called the “Sexton.” No pictures have been found.



Sharpsville, Pennsylvania

Because the name “Sharmeter” is so associated with this company we are using the name here. The “Sharmeter” was actually made by the Sharpsville Boiler Works Company of Sharpsville, Pennsylvania. Sharpsville had long been in business making boilers and tanks. Around 1926 they made their first gas pump. The company was in business until 1936 making only meter pumps, both clock and computer. Sharpsville, also made pit and station lights.


Shepherd & James, Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Shepherd & James made a number of oil dispensers and at least one gas pump around 1936. They referred to these units as the “Little Giant.” This was the name used by Shotwell (also of Indianapolis) and Bennett, after acquiring Shotwell for some of their units. Shepherd may have only been a distributor for Bennett; there is possibly a connection here.


W.S. Sheppard

Newark, New Jersey

Between 1917 and 1918, Sheppard made a gas pump called the “Reliance.” No pictures are available.


Shotwell Pump & Tank Company

Boston, Massachusetts

Indianapolis, Indiana

Not a great deal is known about the Shotwell Pump Company. They first advertised a pump in 1917 using an Indianapolis address. By 1925 the company now listed Boston first and Indianapolis second. Shotwell advertised that their pumps were ball bearing pumps. In 1928, Shotwell and the Bennett Pump Company were purchased by Service Station Equipment Company Ltd., of Toronto, Canada, and merged, along with ECO Tireflators, into the Bennett Pump Company. This put Bennett in the gas pump business. Bennett first advertised their pumps as Shotwell-Bennett pumps, but the Shotwell name was dropped before 1930.


A.O. Smith Corporation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Smith started in business in the early 1900s as a supplier to the petroleum industry. They supplied both the drilling and the transportation end of the business. Years later the company headquarters were moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they are today.


Around 1950, A.O. Smith acquired the pump division of Neptune Pump Company (which had already acquired the Aqua Pump Company), and built pumps under the name SMITHway Pumps. Prior to this they also had a division that rebuilt pumps that were made by other companies. Their rebuilding division rebuilt   Erie, Tokheim, and Wayne pumps. When they rebuilt these pumps they put new faces on them with their name on the face and also A.O. Smith ID tags. Many restorers mistakenly identify these pumps as being made by A.O. Smith.


If you are ever driving down a country road and the farms have very large purple porcelain silos, look to the top of them and you will see the A.O. Smith name. On a non-pump related note, for many years this company has been the leader in the business of building frames for large trucks and making commercial water heaters.  My local bar here in St. Louis has a A.O. Smith water heater under the bar.


Southwest Pump Company

Bonham, Texas

Southwest started in business as Catron Manufacturing Co., Inc. Sometime between 1925 and 1928 the company name was changed to Southwest Pump Company. Southwest continued in the gas pump business until it was purchased by The Tokheim Corporation in 2000. Information on this company has been difficult to find, as they did not advertise much. It is presumed that many more pumps than are shown in this book were made.  The company was acquired by the Tokheim Company in 1992.


Springfield Manufacturing Company

Springfield, Illinois

Springfield advertised two version of a very unusual visible gas pump around 1925.


Springfield Pump Company

Springfield, Tennessee

Six visible pumps have been identified, all from around 1925. 


The Star Brass Works

Chicago, Illinois

Star is known to have made at least one gas pump between 1917 and 1918, but no pictures are known to exist.


Star Specialty Company

York, Pennsylvania

This company made a pump called the “Getalluby,” during 1917, no pictures have been found.



Ft. Collins, Colorado

Starkey made coin-operated pumps in the mid-1920s.


The Taylor Manufacturing Company

Montclair, New Jersey

Evidence indicates that Taylor made a gas pump that they called the “Perfection,” between 1917 and 1918, but no pictures have been found.


Tirill Gas Machine Lighting Company

New York, New York

Tirill made a gas pump between 1917 and 1918, but no pictures are available.


The Tokheim Company

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

John J. Tokheim made his first pump (used in General Stores) in 1898, The then organized the Tokheim Manufacturing Company in 1901.  After the company  was sold and moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in 1918, someone from the Tokheim family started a business called “The Tokheim Company.” Tokheim made at least six visible pumps in the 1920s. The company also made a “VAC” Extractor which removed water from gas tanks and rotary piston pumps. They were still in business in 1958 making an automatic liquid level gauge for bulk storage tanks.  The company is now owned by the Barnes Manufacturing Company, of Marion, Iowa.


Tokheim Tank & Pump Company

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

John J. Tokheim, a merchant in Thor, Iowa, was looking for a pump he could use to pump kerosene in his general store. Around 1898 he invented a dome oil pump. This pump had a glass cylinder at the top, and while not referred to as a visible, it is conceivable that Tokheim invented the first visible pump. In 1901, Tokheim organized The Tokheim Manufacturing Company. The Tokheim Company prospered and grew into a large company in Cedar Rapids manufacturing tanks, gas pumps, oil dispensers, barrel pumps, and pumps used in the dry cleaning business.


In 1918, The Tokheim Manufacturing Company was purchased by a group of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, investors, and led by the former general manager of the Wayne Pump Company, Ralph F. Diserens. The company was moved to Ft. Wayne and named the Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company. The company prospered and expanded rapidly. In 1926, Tokheim even expanded into traffic signals with the acquisition of the Signaphore Company of Ft. Wayne. The manufacturing of traffic signals continued until 1938, when the division was sold off.


While the Depression was hard on many pump companies, Tokheim survived by offering products that were not only excellent in quality, but also in appearance. During World War II, Tokheim made bombs for both Britain and the United States.


Over the years, Tokheim acquired the American Tank and Pump Company (1948), the National Pumps Corporation (1948), and William M. Wilson’s Sons (Gasboy), Inc.(1986), along with a number of smaller supply companies.


On December 1, 1953, Tokheim officially became the Tokheim Corporation. Since the company had not made oil tanks for more than 25 years, it was felt that a new name was appropriate.


In 2002, Tokheim closed and filed bankruptcy.  Tokheim Corporation’s international assets and subsidiaries were acquired by Tokheim S.A.S.  Tokheim S.A.S. was acquired by COGNETAS, previously named Electra Partners Europe.  Tokheim pumps are now made in France and Scotland.  The right to make parts for existing pumps was purchased by the Dresser-Wayne Company, and Gasboy was purchased by Danaher (Gilbarco).


Trahern Pump Company

Rockford, Illinois

Trahern made a gas pump called the “Soo,” between 1917 and 1918. No pictures have as yet been found.


Trojan Pump Company

Los Angeles, California

The company was started by A.J. Abner and he was their president.  I have not been able to determine how long the Trojan Company was in business.  The only information I have is that they made the pump shown in my book sometime in 1924-1925.


Tuthill Pump Company

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Tuthill started in business as the Ossian Engineering Co., Inc., of Ossian, Indiana, making the “Fill-Rite” pumps in the late 1940s. They made only commercial pumps. By the mid-1960s the company moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and the name was changed to the Tuthill Pump Company.


U.S. Gas Machine Company

Muskegon, Michigan

This company made a gas pump called the “U.S.” between 1917 and 1918. There are no pictures available.


Union Elevator & Machine Company

Chicago, Illinois

Union is known to have manufactured a gas pump in 1917, but no pictures have been found.


United States Pump Corporation

Cincinnati, Ohio

This company made a gas pump around 1925 and 1926, no other pumps have been identified.


United States Pump and Tank Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Primarily a tank company that sold Haines pumps with their tanks. It is not known if they ever made a pump.


Universal Iron & Supply Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Universal is known to have made a gas pump in 1917, but no pictures are available.


Universal Pump & Tank Company

Cleveland, Ohio

Around 1930, this company made some oil dispensers and at least one hand gas pump. No pictures are available.


The Vac Liquid Equipment Company

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This company was also owned by John Tokheim, the Triune Meter pump is the only known pump made under this name.


Victor Pump Company

Los Angeles, California


The Visible Pump Company

New Haven, Indiana

First advertised a gas pump in 1920. Their ads all read “Manufacturers, August Bowser Air Pressure Systems.” In 1922, the company’s name was listed as The Findlay Visible Pump Co., but in 1923 they were again using The Visible Pump Co., Inc., and they were now located in Findlay, Ohio. In 1924, their ads stated that they were now a division of The Buckeye Traction Ditcher Company of Findlay, Ohio. The company last advertised in 1927.


Volcker Manufacturing Company

Huntington, Indiana

Volcker only advertised two pumps. They were advertised in 1926 and 1927.


Vonde’s Visible

Los Angeles, California

Vonde made a visible around 1925. This is the only information available on this company.


Wallman Manufacturing Company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wallman made a long-distance pump in 1914, possibly the one shown in this book.


Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Company

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

In 1891, a number of former employees of the Bowser Pump Company started the Wayne Oil Tank Company . The company had a hard time deciding on an official name, sometimes advertising as the Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Company and the Wayne Tank & Pump Company. Around 1928 the company began using the name Wayne Pump Company and the Wayne Company.


Wayne manufactured a number of products including oil dispensers, grease dispensers, air compressors, air towers, lifts, and car washers. During the Depression, Wayne invented the computer that is still being used in some gas pumps today. This, and the introduction of such outstanding pump designs as the famous Wayne 60, kept Wayne surviving and prospering through difficult times.


Over the years the Wayne Company purchased Fry Equipment (which included the Marvel company), Boyle-Dayton, and also acquired an interest in the Martin & Schwartz Pump Company. For years, Wayne advertised their oil dispensers and Wayne-Marvel equipment. When Martin & Schwartz became part of Wayne, all operations were moved to the Salisbury, Maryland location of Martin & Schwartz. In 1958, Wayne became a part of Symington-Gould, which was also a part owner of the Martin & Schwartz Company, and was called Symington-Wayne. Symington-Wayne was acquired by Dresser Industries in 1968, forming Dresser Wayne. In 2001, Wayne ceased operations in Salisbury and moved to Austin, Texas.  Dresser Wayne pumps can be found in many modern stations today.


Weldex Manufacturing Company

In 1917, Weldex made a gas pump called the “Weldex.” No pictures have been found.


West Coast Equipment Company

Los Angeles, California

Very little information on this company is available. I have only been able to identify a few pumps made between 1931 and 1935.


Western Oil Pump & Tank Company

St. Louis, Missouri

Western started advertising their products as early as 1908, but there is no mention of the company in the  St. Louis City Directories until 1921. By 1910, Western was advertising that they had installed over 900 Western tanks in St. Louis alone, and had sold over 30,000 in the United States and Canada. Western made a great deal of products—from private garage pumps to visibles—but it appears they were victims of the Depression and closed their doors sometime in 1931.


William M. Wilson’s Sons, Inc.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Wilson went into business in the late 1940s, making a commercial pump they called the “Gasboy.” They were acquired by Tokheim and moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana in the 1986.  After Tokheim went out of business in 2002, Gasboy (the company’s new name) was acquired by Danaher (Gilbarco).  The Gasboy is still being made today.


Wilson & Bennett Manufacturing Company

Chicago, Illinois

This company made a hand pump around 1905.


Wisconsin Pump and Manufacturing Company

Madison, Wisconsin

Between November 1924 and April 1925 Wisconsin advertised a very unusual pump. They were never heard from again.


A.J. Wood Manufacturing Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A.J. Wood was a manufacturer of grease injectors. This company was purchased by Bert Bennett, which led to the creation of the Bennett Pump Company.