Gas Pump Literature Collection, Page 12

All Bennett Bulletins & Misc. Sales Literature - Bennett began business in 1921, they didn't make a gas pump until around 1929.


See page 4 for large Bennett flyers and brochures

The following are a mix of just about anything Bennett.


Small color-guide, just flip the color over the pic of the pump to see what it looks like with that color.  Many colors, late 50s

1981 Service manual

4-page, Bennett compares their 700 Series pump against just about every pump being made at that time

Inside page of pump comparison brochure.

32 page brochure, 1950, on how well the 700 Series pumps were built

Form used to keep track of pump maintenance - 1950s

12-pages of recommended maintenance - 1950s

Pad of note papers, probably from around 1964
Box of notes given away by Bennett.  Each note shows a Bennett pump on front (3-pages to write the note on).  Left is the box, 4 notes are shown on right

4-page, 1978

Flyer for Bennett's rebuilding plant in South Carolina
2-pages of a 4-page flyer, shows the Bennett line in 1978

20 page of recommended Preventive Maint., 1950s

8-page booklet with recommendations for Bennett, 1953

Both sides of flyer shown, shows many items, 1953

Pull down advertising piece, 1958

2-page flyer for monitor that would turn pump on from station, 1956

Company photo

Company photo

Compares strainers with other company's strainers, even has pieces of strainers attached

Compares pumping units with other pumping unit, 1950s

Compares quietness with other company's pumps, 1950s

Compares meters with other company's meters, 1950s

Plastic bag, probably given away at trade shows

2-individual shipping tags for crates with pumps or ECO equipment, 1950s

Small 8-page fold-out, 1950s

Company copy of an ad

Company photo

It appears that the Shotwell/Bennett 500 Series pumps from around 1929 were either completely or partially build in Boston, Mass.  This contains lists of all the parts for the pumps

Company photo

Company photo

6-page, 1950s

2-page, 1950s

Special brochure from Bennett to sell Standard Bennett pumps

2-page, 1966

1976 Phillips 12-page brochure for decal placement on all companies pumps inc. Bennett

1970 Phillips 24-page brochure for decal placement on all companies pumps inc. Bennett

Phillips 66 4-page brochure showing Bennett pumps

One of may consols from the early 60s on

1950s - compares Tokheim hand pumps to Bennett's
Exchange program, 1941, for pumping units, meters, clock-face mechanisms, computers & ECO mechanisms.  One more from 1947

2-page, 1959

12-page brochure showing stations worldwide

2-page flyer, in Spanish, 1950s

4-page ECO/Bennett flyer, in Spanish, 1950s

4-page ECO/Bennett flyer, in German, 1950s

2-pages, flyer in German, 1961

2-pages, 1972

4-pages, 1931

2-page, 1972

40-pages, Service News, 1941

Small 3" X 1 1/2" notice of the name change, Service Station Equipment Co. to John Wood Company, date April 1, 1950

1955 article about how Bennett pump got started

Copy of story about Bert Bennett

Special brochure to sell Bennett pumps to Texaco, mid 1960s, 20 pages

Newspaper article about Bert Bennett from the late 1920s.

Small company history written in 1984

12-page company newspaper from 1938
Bennett/Gulf/Holiday Inn project from around 1966.  A built in Gulf Station at the entrance to the Inn.

Service manual, 500-3000 Series pumps, over 60 pages, 1950s

Service manual for 4000 Series pumps, 1960s
Sinclair station using Bennett pump at the entrance to the New York 1964 Worlds Fair, includes folder, inserts, news release and company photos
All from 1964

Cover, 4-page brochure, 1964

Inside pages of World's Fair brochure - 1964

42-page manual for the 2000 Series pumps - late 50s

Brochure, late 50s

14-page sales brochure for the 2000 series pumps - 1958

History of the John Wood Co., written around 1950, 32-pages

Company photo